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Mixing politics and religion

Editor’s Notes

Roy Moore might as well had put a political sign at the front door and wore a lapel pin saying, “Vote for me.” More...

Sessions may regret this race the most

Inside the Statehouse

Folks we are getting down to the proverbial lick log in the much-anticipated vote for the open U.S. Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. After 20 years in the U.S. Senate as our junior U.S. More...

Good communication and democracy

Center for Effective Government

Do ordinary citizens still have a voice in Washington and in their state capitals? Despite the cynicism of these times, my answer is, yes, we do...  But we have to exercise it.  More...

Disappearing Southerners?

Gone South

I recently read that a bunch of surveys conducted by the University of North Carolina's Center for the Study of the American South revealed that during the last decade of the 20th Century the number of folks living down here who actually considered t More...

Jobs of the future

Dollars & Cents

Most high school students — as well as their parents — wonder what jobs are expected to grow at the fastest rate during the next decade. Where will the best job opportunities of the future lie? More...

Political Cartoon

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