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Strange-Moore runoff too close to call

Inside the Statehouse

Most people would assume that as the race for the open U.S. Senate began that Luther Strange, the appointed incumbent, was the favorite. More...

Southern falls and sweet potatoes

Through the Past

Once again, the fall season is upon us—coming on quickly, according to the tell-tale signs, such as the red buckeyes near Satilpa Creek dropping their leaves which are usually the first to shed. More...

Political Cartoon

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Here’s why I love Mobile

Gone South

I grew up 100 or so miles north of Mobile. I love it. I love its quirky people. I love the way things are always just a little off plumb. More...

Consumer expectations important

Dollars & Cents

Expectations play a major role in all aspects of life. All of us have expectations with respect to our personal and professional lives. In most instances, they dictate the course of our actions.  More...

Working for Trump: Someone has to do it

National Review

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin took the highly unusual step over the weekend of publicly explaining why he won’t resign.  More...