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Sing on, Willie, sing on

Editor’s Notes

Every now and then it’ll come across social media on the web: Willie Nelson is deathly ill and has canceled all his concerts. It is fake news, of course, but with a hint of truth. More...

Looking ahead to 2018

Inside the Statehouse

Now that the dust has settled from the Republican Senate primary, we can focus on the much-anticipated 2018 elections.  More...

Political Cartoon

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The Great Flood of ’61

Gone South

In some parts of the state it has been a wet summer.  Dry streams ran wet, creeks and rivers rose, lakes filled, and though dams were able to release water and control the level of the lakes they impounded, that water had to go somewhere, and th More...

Montgomery County’s Bitcoin

Dollars & Cents

The news several weeks ago came as a shock to many residents. More...