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Vermont’s novel idea to draw people to state

Our Opinions

The faraway Yankee state of Vermont has come up with a novel way to try and boost its sagging population. The state is offering to give people $10,000 to move to the state and work remotely. The Remote Worker Grant Program goes into effect Jan. More...

Community banks get a little break

Dollars & Cents

It was not all that community bankers wanted. But it was better than nothing. That seems to be the consensus regarding the financial regulatory reform bill passed by Congress about two weeks ago and signed into law by President Trump. More...

Political Cartoon

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Indian Place Names

“Souwilpa — 1. A creek in the southern part of Choctaw County. More...

Vacationing at Buck’s Pocket

Inside the Statehouse

You voted Tuesday on a crowded ballot.  More...

Daddy was a poet

Gone South

He’s a poetAnd he knows itHis feet show itThey’re long fellowsHarvey H, Jackson Jr. My daddy loved poetry. Even wrote some. Like that. More...

Political Cartoon

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From Our Files 25 years ago

From The Democrat’s May 1993 issues

Douglas Morgan recalled his 23-year career as an agent of the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Board of the State of Alabama at a retirement luncheon. More...