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United or Divided States of America this 4th of July?

Other Opinions

As you relax and barbecue this Fourth of July, reflect on this great nation of ours. Rejoice in our accomplishments but soberly reflect on how much longer we can remain great with so much divisiveness and so much discord among ourselves? More...

Hot air and grease

Gone South

If you didn’t know it, alternative energy efforts are being undertaken in the region.  Well, as our late Pres. Richard Nixon was fond of observing, I’ve got this to say about that.  More...

What the Pledge means

Center for Effective Government

You know the Pledge of Allegiance, probably by heart. You may recite it only occasionally, or get the chance several times a week. Sometimes, I’m guessing, you say it mechanically, and other times filled with deep meaning.  More...

Political Cartoon

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Trump and Big Jim a lot alike

Inside the Statehouse

Otto Whittaker wrote the following essay, “I Am the Nation” in 1955 as a public relations advertisement for the Norfolk and Western Railway. The message found in Mr. More...

USA again ranks No. 1 in world competitiveness

Dollars & Cents

The announcement seems appropriate as we celebrate Independence Day. A new report reveals the United States has experienced a rebirth to become the world’s most competitive economy. More...

Political Cartoon

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