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Here’s how AG Sessions can stop the insulting tweets   It looks more and more like Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ head will be on the chopping block after the mid-term elections in November, if not before if El Presidente wakes up m More...

You can bet the farm on this

Gone South

The other day I got a notice from the Florida Farm Bureau that the U.S. Department of Labor was about to issue a new bunch of rules and regulations that would tell farmers what young folks under the age of 16 can and cannot do on the farm. More...

Political Cartoon

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Looking back: 1978 governor’s race

Inside the Statehouse

Since this is a gubernatorial election year, let’s reminisce about an epic Governor’s Race. The 1978 Governor’s race is one of the classics in Alabama political lore. More...

Simplified budgeting

Dollars & Cents

Over the past year, several readers have asked about a simple budgeting process. Most indicate they feel intimidated as they attempt to set up a detailed spending plan. This is understandable. Budgeting can be a daunting task. More...