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Do you —
 Like meeting people?
 Are self-motivated
and a self starter?
 Have good
communication skills,
grammar and writing skills?
 Have just a wee bit
of imagination?
 Have selling experience
— or think you can
sell if given the chance?
 Like to make money?
If you have all of these traits —
or think you can cultivate them
— you might be a good fit for
selling ads for the Clarke County
newspapers. Most folks can
earn a fair salary and the right
person can make more.
It requires work, patience,
some research and a gen-uine
desire to help clients,
not just make a sale. It can
be FUN, if you make it so.
Submit a resume along with
a brief letter telling us why
you are the perfect one.
SALES, P.O. Box 39, Grove
Hill, AL 36451.
You can also email to clarke-countydem@
You can also drop resumes
off at The Clarke County De-mocrat
in Grove Hill and The
South Alabamian in Jackson.
Don’t call us; we’ll call you.
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