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Cooking with Natural Gas...inside and out!
Professional chefs and others who love to
cook know that gas is the only way to go.
Natural gas is the ticket, whether you’re
cooking inside or out.
Natural gas cooking is convenient. You get immediate heat when
you turn a burner on—there’s no waiting for warm-ups! When you
turn it off, it’s off. There’s no “left over” heat to ruin your dish.
Summertime is coming and with it outdoor
grilling. If you’re tired of messy charcoal and
dealing with a touchy fire, try natural gas.
The simple turn of a dial and you’re ready to
cook without having to wait for the fire to
get ready. Supply your natural gas grill with
a line from your home and your barbecue
will never be ruined by an empty propane
tank or the lack of charcoal.
You can accessorize your natural gas grill with options like side
burners, rotisseries, smoke ovens, and more. And many propane
grills can be converted to natural gas for a nominal cost.
Check out the the indoor stoves and outdoor grills and other nat-ural
gas appliances for sale at Clarke-Mobile Gas District’s offices.
Serving Jackson,
Grove Hill, Thomasville,
Chatom, McIntosh,
Coffeeville, Pine Hill,
Orange Beach and
other areas.
Main Office:
2003 College Ave.
Jackson, Ala.
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