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Free Hearing Screenings set for the
Clarke-Washington County area: Age 65+
Free hearing screenings will be given through October 31
Screenings have been arranged for anyone who suspects they
are losing their hearing. Such persons generally say they can
hear, but cannot understand words. Testing with the latest
computerized equipment will indicate if you can be helped.
Everyone, especially adults over 65, should have a hearing
screening at least once a year. If there is a hearing problem,
complete hearing tests may reveal that newly developed
methods of correction will help, even for those who have been
told in the past that a hearing aid would not help them.
If you suspect you have a hearing loss, call for a free hearing
screening appointment. Our licensed practitioners are trained in
the latest auditory testing methods, and will be the first ones to
tell you if you don't need a hearing aid. If you do have a hearing
loss, we will explain your results and provide you with a list of
Free hearing screenings available only
at the locations listed below.
David A. Adams BC-HIS
Jackson Office
1008 College Ave.
Grove Hill Office
112 Main Street
Benefits of hearing aids vary by type and degree of hearing loss, noise environment, accuracy of hearing evaluation and proper fit.
Beltone Hearing Care Centers are independently owned and operated. © 2016 Beltone
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