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Arrest made in Gainestown store robbery

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An arrest has been made in the Sept. 1 robbery of the Busy Bee Ant 4 store in Gainestown, formerly Overstreet Grocery. A warrant has been issued for another man and a third person is being sought.

Investigating lawmen believe the robbery was an “inside job” involving some of the owners of the chain of stores.

Sheriff DeWayne Smith and Ron Baggette, of the First Judicial Circuit Task Force, went to Montgomery last week looking for the suspects.

They confronted Peshvinkumar R. Patel, 47, one of the owners of the stores, at a store in Hope Hull, a community south of Montgomery. After interviewing Patel, he was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

Morris D. Hardy has been identified as the driver of the vehicle used in the robbery and a warrant for robbery has been issued but he has not yet been arrested.

A third suspect is also being sought, the man who actually went into the store and took money from store owners at gunpoint. His identity has not been released.

Smith and Baggette said they do not as yet understand a motive for the robbery.

Sheriff Smith announced a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons involved in the robbery.

“We will be paying an individual the $1,000,” Smith said although he did not name the individual who apparently did not want to be identified.





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