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Dumpster available for fall cleanup work

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The Grove Hill Town Council attended to a handful of items at the Monday meeting.

A dumpster will again be obtained for citizens’ use during October, a month designated for “Fall Clean Up.”

The council voted to waive municipal sales taxes during the Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Holiday, scheduled for Feb. 24-26, 2023. This is one of several tax-free weekends promoted by the state that also waives state sales taxes.

Haunted hayrides set

A permit was approved for a haunted hayride on weekends during October to benefit Ray Jordan’s medical expenses. Jordan has cancer. The route will be along trails behind Jordan’s shop at 940 Love Road. They will be from 7 until 11:30 p.m.

A building permit was approved for Robert Wesley Shaner to build a barn behind his residence.

An insurance company, Citadel, is wanting to offer a cafeteria-style plan for municipal employees and said it can offer the town maximum tax savings of $16,840 over a year and $4,595 for employees. There is no cost to the town. Employees will be consulted to see if there is interest.

Budgets for governmental entities are supposed to be in place before the start of a new year, either annual or fiscal.

Overtime at the library

Councilman Eddie Foster serves as the town’s representative on the Grove Hill Library Board. He said there continues to be differences on overtime for new librarian Aimee Moore.

The board does not want to pay overtime, Foster said, and the board wants to know who is in charge of that, the board or Mayor Ross Wood. Wood said according to an Attorney General’s opinion, the board supervises the operation of the library and employees.

A part-time library employee slot was approved to be filled and advertised last week.

The start of the meeting was delayed for a few minutes because the U.S. flag was not in the room and a pledge could not be held as is the usual start for a meeting. A prayer was offered while Police Chief Daniel Gibson retrieved the flag.

There is no requirement that a pledge or a prayer be offered before a meeting but they are so customary some people think they are required.

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