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Newspaper’s “money call” plea
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Items from past issues of The Clarke County Democrat

135 Years Ago November 1887

“As is the custom of the country press, just before circuit court, we make our ‘money call’ on those indebted to pay up, during court week. Those not attending court can send money by their neighbors and friends who will attend. Some are considerably behind, and they would confer a great favor by paying us. The amounts are all small, but, when added together, will aid us considerably. With us, this has been a hard year, and we are needing money. It is our wish not to be forced to the trouble and expense sending out a collector.”

“Ice and frost, the first of the season, came together, last Monday evening with a temperature of 30 degrees above zero. The sudden tumble made it seem quite cold. Potato digging and molasses making will now be in order.” (Nov. 3 issue).

“In the magic town of Choctaw, the other day, a tree was felled on the store house of Mr. Kimbrough. They are so busy with the boom up there, that they don’t take time to see which way a tree ought to be thrown.” (Choctawe would soon be renamed Thomasville).

“The record of deed in office of probate court designates the station at Horeb postoffice as ‘Whatley,’ instead of Horeb. It would be better if both had the same name.”



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