From The Nethermost

Libraries good for kids, adults too

From time to time, I meet with old friends from Dallas County. It is interesting to find what our shared memories are. One of them is the old Carnegie Library there in Selma. My family lived at the corner of Tremont Street and Furniss Avenue, up the hill from the YMCA, not so far from the Baptist, the Episcopal, and […]

Readers can earn points this summer

In addition to the summer reading requirement, English students will read and take tests on books from the library to accumulate Accelerated Reader points. The number of points for each grade level is listed below: Regular Ninth Grade English 20 points Advanced Ninth Grade English and Regular Tenth Grade English 30 points Advanced Tenth Grade English and Regular Eleventh Grade […]

Bricks from torn-down building can be purchased at school

Excited students and nostalgic faculty have intently watched the bulldozing of the “junior high” building. All is not lost, however, because some of the bricks have been rescued! For the nostalgic, these bricks are available with a picture of either the junior high or the remaining senior high building. Because this construction marks the passing of an era, many alumni […]

CCHS names academic top 10 students

Ten Clarke County seniors realized their goals of academic success when they were named the Academic Top Ten for the graduating class of 2006. Valedictorian of the Class of 2006 is Kelsey Lohse Horton, and Salutatorian is Jamie Allen Jackson. Rounding out the Academic Top Ten (in order from three to ten) are Jelesia Sharie Chaney, Jeanetta Lynne Hall, Justin […]

Memories & Recipes

West Virginia banana pudding recipe shared

My son-in-law Burke Allen is a long time member of the media. When he and my daughter, Cristi met, he was a morning radio personality in Savannah, Ga. and she was a frequent listener to his program. Burke has been on the air and managed radio stations in cities like Miami, Washington, DC, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Orlando and […]

Bettis-Williams to say vows May 12 at Clarke Courthouse

Mrs. Georgeiana Bettis announces the engagement of her daughter, Melissa Bettis of Grove Hill, to Bruce Williams, son of the late Bucket Washington and Mamie Lee Williams of Gainestown. Miss Bettis is also the daughter of Tommy Lee Bettis, also of Grove Hill. Miss Bettis is a 1999 graduate of Clarke County High School. She is employed at New Era […]

Through The Past

Ladies lived quiet but influential lives

If one has not lived the country life, it will remain a mystery-the mystery of how can country people spend hours watching the grass grow! After all, that is all there is to do, right? Yeah, sure. If we could ask any past generation of rural people if they spent their lives watching the grass grow, they would come back […]

Alabama Scene

All indications are that Riley will whip Moore by big margin

All indications are that Riley will whip Moore by big margin MONTGOMERY-It seems now that almost every few days yet another poll is released on the upcoming primaries and whether you put any stock in them or not, it is worthy of note that they have all been remarkably consistent. For one, all of these surveys say almost the identical […]


Trumpent Ministries to hold holy ghost explosion Trumpent Ministries #2 at 211 East Ross Street in Jackson will continue its 2006 Five Night Holy Ghost Explosion featuring a Power Pack Woman of God Thursday, (tonight), May 4 and end Friday, May 5 at 7:30 p.m. nightly. The host pastors include Estella and Willie Shin. For more information call 251-246-7437. St. […]

Love one another

I John 4:7-8 “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God,and eve r y o n e that loveth is born of God a n d k n o w e t h God He that loveth not knoweth not God,for God is love.” God wants us to love one another, even your enemy. Matthew 5:44 “But […]