Clarke County Extension program The Clarke County Extension System and the Clarke County Farmers Federation will sponsor a home garden and orchard production program Thursday, (today), Jan. 11 at 10 a.m. at the Alfa Building in Grove Hill. The program will discuss tomato variety recommendations and selection, soil testing, disease prevention/control in common vegetables as well as updates fruit production. […]

Chance & Scyrene

Bible study back in swing at area churches

Weekly Bible studies are back in full swing at the Mt. Sinai AME Church of P a c k e r s Bend. They are held e v e r y Tu e s d a y night at 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Also at the St. Thomas AME Church of Lower Peach Tree on Thursday nights at the […]

All Things Are Possible

What is truly possible? If we are to seriously address this question we should first distinguish between different senses of the word “possibility.” There are at least three different senses of possibility: technological, physical, and logical possibility. For example, until the invention of the airplane, it wasn’t technologically possible for humans to fly, though it was always physically possible to […]

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Highway priorities

One of the long and persistent problems of southwest Alabama is the lack of adequate highways and other infrastructure. A 1941 Alabama highway map showed that the problem existed even then. Red lines indicated paved highways on the map and blue and dotted blue lines were unpaved roads. There were ribbons of red across north and central Alabama and southeast […]

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At last, a coach

Salaries for coaches and athletes, Maybe now the world will tilt back to its normal axis: The University of Alabama has a new football coach. Assuredly, Nick Saban, wooed away from the Miami Dolphins, is the best in the business. At least his salary is at $4 million a year or $32 million plus for a seven-year contract. just like […]

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Comings and goings

It has been hard to keep up with the changing of the guard in local offices over the last few weeks. Clarke County and its neighbors are seeing big turnovers as many longtime elected officials are retiring- most of their own doing, but some by the voters. Clarke County will have a new sheriff, new coroner, new circuit clerk and […]

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Amazing deed

Just when we think we are losing all confidence in our fellowman, someone like Wesley Autrey of New York comes along to booster us. Autrey was standing on a New York subway platform with his two young daughters when he saw a man suffer some kind of medical distress and fall onto the tracks of an oncoming train. Without regard […]

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Changes in Congress

The Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives got off to a good start under its first-ever female speaker, Nancy Pelosi of California last week. Tough new ethics rules bars House members from accepting gifts from lobbyists, including free or reimbursed plane trips. Now “earmarked” spending for home states or districts must be disclosed by the responsible member. The House will be- […]

Political Cartoon

Alabama Scene

'Outhouse Inauguration'

You might think that after attending or covering every gubernatorial inauguration in Alabama since 1950 that on the eve of yet another one I would be full of stories to tell of those past events. A few highlights stick out, of course, but very few. I am sure we have to have inaugurations to get the governor and other officials […]