Community Calendar

THE CLARKE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL OLD TIMERS will meet Saturday, April 25 at 10 a.m. in the CCHS cafeteria. The honored class will be the Class of 1959. Please bring a covered dish and pay $2 each at the registration table. If you attended CCHS for a short period of time – you are an old timer! (The CCHS cheerleaders […]

GHBC Dixie League Days


ASSEMBLY OF GOD FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD 2410 Coffeeville Rd., Jackson 246-4736 FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD Hwy. 43 S., Thomasville 636-9536 GRACE CHAPEL ASSEMBLY OF GOD 1 mi. E. of Coffeeville, 846-2027 MAGNOLIA ASSEMBLY OF GOD 2166 Allen Rd., 275-3630 WHATLEY ASSEMBLY OF GOD 98 Desoto Dr., 275-8489 BAPTIST AMITY BAPTIST Old Line Rd., Whatley ANTIOCH BAPTIST Hwy. 43 N., […]

Political parties should pay for primary contests

Greg Albritton polled 59 percent of the vote cast in the portion of Clarke County in State Senate District 22 in the special April 14 Republican primary. He won by a similar percentage across the eightcounty district. But only 4,665 of the district’s approximately 75,000 voters cast ballots in the primary. That’s a pitiful 6.5 percent turnout. The cost of […]

Overlapping and duplication possible

For a long time, we didn’t have a very good infrastructure for county and regional economic and community development efforts. Now, such efforts look like they could be becoming a layered bureaucracy like a lot of other governmental bureaucracies. The Clarke County Development Foundation was formed a few years back as a private initiative to promote economic and community development […]

Be careful crossing tracks

A Clarke County jury returned one of the largest—if not the largest—combined civil judgments in the county’s history Friday when it stung Norfolk-Southern Railway with nearly $11 million following a nearly three week trial over a log truck and train collision at the Walker Springs crossing. The plaintiffs in the case contended—and the jury apparently agreed- that rail cars parked […]

Pivotal time in nation’s history

Congress Reports

Earlier this month, the House adjourned for two weeks in observance of the Passover and Easter holidays. This two week break from Washington, which afforded me the opportunity to travel to all six counties of Alabama’s First District, comes during a pivotal time in our nation’s history. For certain, the coming weeks and months will set the course for future […]

Looking for Redneck Riveria

Gone South

“. . . Along the coast are little fishing villages that remind the visitor of the southern coast of France.” — Alabama: A Guide to the Deep South (1941) “I’m just here for the beer.” — Kenny Stabler, c. 1978 Between 1941 and the late 1970s the Alabama coast and the Florida Panhandle was transformed from that string of little […]

Where are the Republicans?

Inside the Statehouse

The decision by Jim Folsom Jr. to run for reelection as lieutenant governor, rather than seeking to be promoted to governor, is having a domino effect on the 2010 elections. As we speak, there is a shuffling and realignment going on among both parties’ aspirants in next year’s races. The players are beginning to enter the stage, but maybe in […]

Quotable Quotes

I wish people who have trouble communicating would just shut up. Tom Lehrer (1928 – ) Hell hath no fury like a bureaucrat scorned. Milton Friedman (1912 – 2006) He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I ever met. Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865) We must not say every mistake is a foolish one. […]