Community Calendar

A Strawberry Jam and Jelly Workshop will be held Thursday, May 20 at 6 p.m. Making jam and jelly is a popular way to preserve locally grown fruits. In this workshop, participants will learn tips and tricks for successfully making jam and jellied fruit products. These products are great for sharing with friends or selling at farmer’s market. In addition […]

Area Church Directory

ASSEMBLY OF GOD FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD 2410 Coffeeville Rd., Jackson, 246-4736 FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD Hwy. 43 S., Thomasville, 636-9536 GRACE CHAPEL ASSEMBLY OF GOD 1 mi. E. of Coffeeville, 846-2027 MAGNOLIA ASSEMBLY OF GOD 2166 Allen Rd., 275-3630 WHATLEY ASSEMBLY OF GOD 98 Desoto Dr., 275-8489 BAPTIST AMITY BAPTIST Old Line Rd., Whatley ANTIOCH BAPTIST Hwy. 43 N., […]

Church Announcements

New Home Church will have a gospel concert Thursday, May 20 at 7 p.m. featuring “Naomi and the Segoes” and “Southern Gospel Believers.” There will be no charge for admission but a love offering will be received. Revs. Kenneth Johnson and Thomas Smith invite everyone to attend. New Home is located between Repton and Monroeville just north of U.S. Highway […]

Seeds from the Sower

A tower of love— Calvary

A water tower in Ontario, Canada carries a message of love. The announcement, which runs vertically down the 100-foot tower, reads, “Maggie, I love you.” Underneath, it’s signed, “Andy.” God has a Tower of Love. You’ll find it on a hill called Calvary. There He wrote in His own blood, “I love you.” Underneath, it’s signed, “God.” John reported it […]

Church of the Week

Bagged drugs sends Calvert woman to jail

A bag of drugs discovered during a traffic stop by Jackson Police, Thursday, May 13, led to possession charges for a Calvert woman. According to Police Chief Charles Burge, Felicia Westry McConnell, 46, was charged with possession of synthetic narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia after officer Norman “Buzzy” Jordan and Sgt. Josh Garrett discovered three Lortab and 13 Soma […]

GH Council OKs over $7,700 purchase to conduct new ADEM-mandated sewage tests

The Grove Hill Town Council will invest over $7,700 in new equipment so local employees can do a new ADEM-mandated test on the town’s sewage output. Sewerage Plant Supervisor Kyle McIntyre explained Tuesday that ADEM has implemented a new e-coli bacteria test. Sending it out for testing the required twice a week will cost the town $110 a test. Purchasing […]

Sheriff candidates campaign financials filed at courthouse

Candidates must file financial disclosure forms. County candidates file with the probate judge in the county they are running in. Here’s a look at the finances of the Clarke County sheriff’s candidates. Democratic sheriff candidates Kevin Brunson of Jackson donated $2,000 to his campaign. His parents, Bobby and Cecilia Brunson of Jackson donated $200. Angela Slayton of Jackson loaned the […]

Sample Ballots

Man arrested growing marijuana; escapes but soon recaptured

On Thursday May 13, 2010 Clarke County Sheriff’s Departments Investigation Unit received a tip that marijuana plants were growing behind the residence where Scott Kurtz was living in Thomasville. Investigator Patrick Champion and Deputy Justin Rider arrived at the residence and after receiving consent to search the property, they found eight marijuana plants growing behind the residence. Later the officers […]