Clarke Cattlemen’s Association officers

Alabama’s beef cattle a $3 million industry

Gov. Bob Riley issues Beef Month Proclamation

WHEREAS, the beef cattle business in Alabama is one of the state’s largest agricultural industries, representing a $3 billion industry; and WHEREAS, cash receipts from the sale of cattle and calves in 2008 reached $400 million, which ranks second behind broilers in cash receipts among Alabama farm commodities; and WHEREAS, Alabama ranks 9th in the United States in number of […]

Planning ahead for forage production

There is a humorous sign one can sometime find posted in an office or business which contains only the words, “PLAN AHEAD” on it. The humor derives from the fact that the last few letters of the sign get progressively smaller and run down the page, indicating that the person who prepared the sign certainly did not plan ahead with […]

Clarke County Cattlemans’ Association Meeting

Report farm crimes to ag commissioner

During the past few months there has been a large increase in the number of rural farm crimes involving farm equipment and cattle. The Alabama Department of Agriculture has a Division for agricultural investigations. Bob Holley is Chief Investigator and heads the division. If you experience farm equipment or livestock theft call on any of these investigators immediately. CONTACTS Bob […]

Here’s the beef…Beef Facts, that is!

From the Ala. Cattlemen’s Association Website: www.bamabeef.org Beef cattle production ranks second behind broilers in cash receipts among Alabama farm commodities. Alabama cattle producers sold over $400 million worth of cattle and calves last year. Cattle are produced in every county and cattle production represents a $2.5 billion industry in Alabama. The state’s climate and land are ideally suited for […]


Clarke County High School’s Homecoming Parade will be held Thursday, Oct. 14 at 4:30 p.m. Line-up will be in front of CCHS beginning at 3:30 p.m. The parade route will be north on Church Street to Cobb Street, turn left on Cobb Street to Court Street in front of the courthouse to Clark Street, then on Clark St. back to […]

Church Announcements

Pine Chapel Baptist Chapel #2 will continue its revival services Thursday, Oct. 14 and end Friday, Oct. 15 at 7 p.m. nightly. Rev. Delmar A. White, pastor of the 9th Street Baptist Church of Lawrence, Kansas will be the evangelist. Rev. DeWayne Stallworth is the pastor. Greater Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church of Walker Springs will continue its revival services Thursday, […]

Bethlehem Bethel Baptist Church Winn, Alabama

Made in God’s image

Wherever you went in the Roman Empire, you were reminded of the Roman Emperor. Everywhere you looked you saw his influence and image, his power and prestige. And when a Roman penny was made, the image of the emperor was stamped upon it. Those who used his coins were expected to obey his laws. We are like those pennies. When […]