2017-06-01 E-Edition

Bumpers coached at GHA, CCHS, JHS

Former GHA Head Coach Bob Bumpers accepts the 1976 APSA state championship trophy as players look on, top photo. Above left, Bumpers during his days at CCHS. Above right during his days coaching softball at JHS. He was head football coach for the Rebels and Bulldogs and head softball coach for the Lady Aggies. See story on Front and column […]

Moore will make Senate run-off

Inside the Statehouse

As the race for our open U.S. Senate seat begins, let’s look at the lay of the land. First-of-all it will be a sprint. The race is upon us with the primaries on August 15 and the run-off six weeks later on September 26. The Republican primary victor will be coronated on December 12. We, in the Heart of Dixie, […]

Bump was one of a kind

Sports Scene

The thing that probably catches you and pulls you in is that infectious smile and laugh. That along with the demeanor of making everyone feel welcome and comfortable that almost all old-school coaches have. And, of course, there was always the accompanying “Hiya!” greeting. Yep, Coach Bob Bumpers was one of those guys that you couldn’t help but like. I […]

GH baseball all-stars teams named

49 Years Ago

From The Democrat’s June 1968 issues

Nothing wrong with being ‘country’

Through the Past

The word “country” has many meanings. Basically, it’s where we “live and have our being,” to quote a man that I respected for his insight into humanity in general. Rev. Roscoe Griffin, with Chilton roots, spent the last years of his life just up the road from me. We shared many hours of discussion on various topics including his move […]

Talking to the other side

Center for Effective Government

I’ve had a number of conversations recently that convince me our country is divided into two political camps separated by a deep and uncomfortably wide gap. No, I’m not talking about liberals and conservatives, or pro- and anti-Trump voters. I’m talking about people who believe in politics and our political system, and people who don’t. I’ve found this latter view […]


1. MOVIES: Which 1974 movie featured a character named Jake Gittes? 2. LANGUAGE: What are three letters of the Greek alphabet that begin with the letter “p”? 3. HUMAN ANATOMY: What part of the brain regulates body temperature and controls the autonomic nervous system? 4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is a hussar? 5. MYTHOLOGY: Which figure in Greek mythology possessed the […]

Sandflat couple riding with local motorcycle club seriously injured in Chattanooga accident

A Memorial Day weekend outing for a group of Clarke County motorcycle enthusiasts turned tragic in Chattanooga Friday afternoon when an accident severely injured two riders. Mickey and Judy Stephens’ Honda Gold Wing trike was struck by a speeding car from behind on Interstate 75. They were thrown from the trike. The Sandflat couple’s trike then crashed into a Harley […]